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We keep going on and on about how much we love paper and how print is not dead but gosh, there’s no way this magazine would’ve been possible before the digital era. That’s the beauty of it: we get to print Yuca because technology brings us together. We’re a team of three, a team which feels like a marriage sometimes, love periods, not-so-much-love periods, caring for the baby the magazine), sometimes not having enough time to care for the baby. We’re a team of three people who have actually never been together in the same spot. But our hearts are in the same place. We like being creative, we like being painstakingly thorough, we make bad jokes and stray to banal conversations in almost every skype or whatsapp “meeting”.


Lina Rincón

Founder, Editor in Chief,  Editor, Creative director And communication manager.

Lina was born and raised in Bogotá. She’s passionate about knowledge and looking for beauty in ever yday life. She grew up asking a lot of questions, wanting to learn more, to see, and fur ther understand the world and others. Lina graduated as a Fashion Designer, and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in History and Geography from the Institut Catholique de Paris, and a Masters degree in Cultural Studies from Universidad de los Andes. She has worked as a researcher, writer, editor, communications specialist, and translator for clients such as Pensando en Blanco, El Jardín de las Delicias, Secretaría de Edu- cación Bogotá, PNUD and USAID. She has an acute sense of aesthetics and a deep interest for all artistic ex- pressions, but especially literature —there’s few things she cherishes more than the quiet company of a good book.

 Carles Murillo

Contributing Editor, Graphic Designer and Art director

Carles Murillo is a Barcelona-based graphic designer, independent art director and co-editor of Yuca Mag- azine. For 13 years he was project manager and lead designer in the Barcelona headquarters of Bisdixit design studio. He is specialized in editorial design and he works most- ly within the fields of culture and contemporar y ar t. His projects have been praised with several awards including Laus Awards, Daniel Gil Prizes (Visual), Art Directors Club of New York, the Tokyo Type Direc- tor’s Club, and the ADCE. Addition- ally, he was awarded a Young Gun at the ADC Young Guns held by the Ar t Directors Club of New York. Since 2012, has taught in the gradu- ate and undergraduate design pro- grams at Barcelona’s IDEP, Escuela Superior de Diseño.

Juliana Gómez

Founder, Editor in Chief And Creative Director

Juliana is a creative director, advisor and project producer based in Amsterdam.

She is a creative strategist who knows how to move in the intersections between editorial, photography, film, architecture, design, philosophy, and social impact. Her drive is to make these disciplines collide in cohesive structures and meaningful collaborative projects. With a social and cultural psychology background and extensive experience as a visual maker and storyteller, she challenge projects and improve their aesthetic.

As a cultural entrepreneur and a disruptive innovator, she leads No Water for Whales-an interdisciplinary platform with a strong visual narrative that produces a myriad of collaborations and formats.

 Lina & Juliana

Lina & Juliana